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Fire Damage Reinstatement

Pyro Fire’s consultants have specialist knowledge on the effects of fire

Fires in buildings cost money not only in damage to the structure but loss in business continuity which can threaten its viability. For steel framed buildings and structures it is often assumed that the effects of smoke and heat from the fire cause a permanent loss in strength properties of the structural members thereby requiring complete rebuilding. This is often not the case.

Where steel members are still relatively straight it is possible the fire has only had a negligible effect on their strength levels and therefore may be re-used to most if not all of their original load-bearing capacity. This can save the client money in not having to incur the costs associated in replacing steel members but also reduces the time taken to restore the building back to its original use.

Based upon over 35 years of materials research and experience in the steel industry of real fires in buildings Pyro Fire consultants have specialist knowledge on the effects of fire on the strength properties of structural steel and steel components such as welds and bolts.

It is because of this knowledge that we can provide on-site assessments and non-destructive tests to establish the viability of reusing the steel members of fire damaged buildings and structures. Loss adjusters contact us because we can save money.

Fire not only costs the business in terms of the damage caused to the building fabric, it also has a bearing on costs due to business continuity. It is often assumed that when a building is involved in a fire, that the damaged caused through fire and fire fighting operations, the building structure would be unusable and would need to be completely rebuilt. This is not necessarily the case! Steel members can often be reused, which is shown through decade’s worth of research.​


Laboratory investigations carried out on structural steels have shown that once they have been exposed to high temperatures there is a permanent loss in the yield and tensile strength of the material. This loss is associated by changes in the micro structure of the steel which are visible under a high powered microscope.

Using a relatively simple on-site test these changes can be picked up which have a direct influence on the tensile strength of the material. Based upon the previous research it is then possible to establish whether there has been any significant loss in the yield strength of the material and if the structural members would still meet the relevant specification at the time the building was erected.

This type of evaluation was fully investigated by taking steel samples from fire damaged buildings back to the laboratory for more detailed examination.

Because Pyro are knowledgeable in both materials technology and fire behaviour we have found only a limited number of structural members need to be tested before coming to a firm conclusion on what can remain in the rest of the building.  An important aspect of the service we provide is also to check the welds at the connections for obvious of detachment at key locations.

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A few kind words from some of our clients...

I used Pyro Fire Services to carry out the annual fire risk assessment at 10 of our schools. The service we received was spot on and the advice we received was great. The reports came through the very next day where as with other companies it’s taken a few weeks to receive them.

We’ll definitely be using Pyro again moving forward.

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Lee R - Multi-Academy Trust

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Pyro Fire provide all of our buildings within the central region with annual fire risk assessments as well as advice via the telephone when required. This helps us meet our obligations legally, and assists us with specific knowledge in a subject we are not fully familiar with. We have used Pyro Fire for many years and are extremely happy with the service they provide and would not hesitate to recommend them to.

Simon - SMS Plc

A few kind words from some of our clients...

As a business it is essential to have reliable, professional, experienced partners. Pyro Fire offer an exceptional service, combining expertise with fantastic customer service, I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Rejus - Facilities Management

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Pyro Fire are a thoroughly professional company and I would highly recommend them. I needed a Fire Risk Assessment for my company where we have 4 very large engineering fabrication workshops and adjacent office buildings. Their service was first class and also provided an online portal to edit and track remedial works. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Phil K - Industrial

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Pyro have been looking after our property portfolio for over 2+ years. The level of detail & professionalism is outstanding. From start to finish, from design to completion, the risk assessor has been so honest & detailed in his risk assessments. I have no hesitation in recommending The Pyro team for fire risk assessments.

Ryan M - Property Developer

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Pyro Fire were asked to come and review our fire doors after concerns from a previous fire risk assessment. A few days after the inspection we had our insurance company on-site who reviewed the survey and commented on the great quality of the report. A+ service and now working for one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK, we will be promoting Pyro Fire Services.

Chris M - Large Food Manufacturer

A few kind words from some of our clients...

I can recommend the Pyro Fire team with confidence as we believe them to be fire specialists that offer a quick turnaround and high quality of service at an affordable price.

Adrian M - Health & Safety Company

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Pyro Fire delivered a quality fire risk assessment on our new premises and helped identify areas to improve and regularly review, it makes life so much easier. The speed and efficiency was incredible, thank you!

Liam S - Co-working Space

A few kind words from some of our clients...

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Pyro Fire for their help on our project and we look forward to working with them again soon.

Construction Company

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Thanks to Pyro Fire for providing a cost effective quotation and detailed free advice, from working with them on other projects we have been very pleased with the level of service they keep on delivering.

Ben S - Keepmoat

A few kind words from some of our clients...

The Pyro Fire risk assessor was informative and thorough. I would definitely recommend Pyro Fire to clients and I have forwarded details to head office for future work. Very professional service.

Sue W - Multi-Tenanted Offices

A few kind words from some of our clients...

Wouldn’t recommend any other fire safety and risk assessment engineers. Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is far above any other.

Paul F - Maintenance Services

A few kind words from some of our clients...

We recommend all our clients and developers to Pyro Fire, their service tops all competitors in the area. If you need a fire risk assessment or any advice their team will be happy to assist. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Stephen A - Property Management

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