Fire Risk Assessor Awarded NAFRAR Accreditation

Posted on 5 February 2020

Erik Hudson, Director for Pyro, has been accredited and approved to be entered onto the Tier 3 National Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register (NAFRAR).

NAFRAR forms part of the Tiered Fire Risk Assessors Register (TFRAR)

TFRAR is a register that recognises the different levels of individual competencies at which a fire risk assessor should operate at.  TFRAR is a system set up by the Institute to recognise those levels from a base entry-level through to the highest recognised via third party accreditation. The government recommends that Fire Risk Assessments will generally be carried out by suitably qualified/competent fire professionals and TFRAR is a new competence register for Fire Risk Assessors.

The tiering system works from Tier 1 (Entry Level Register), through Tier 2 (Competent Fire Risk Assessors Register) to Tier 3 (National Accredited Fire Risk Assessors Register).

Tier 3 is the highest tier on the Fire Risk Assessors Register, a system set up by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. To gain this accreditation an individual’s experience and competency must have been successfully examined and tested by an independent third party accreditation or certification scheme. Tier 3 is for those who wish to carry out Fire Risk Assessments on high risk and complex buildings and who are eligible to register through a process that has recognised their achievement at the highest standards and levels of competency for fire risk assessors that is available. This means that their experience and competency has been successfully examined and tested by an independent third-party accreditation/certification scheme.

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