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We have a dedicated nationwide team of qualified and certified fire door inspectors, who are experienced performing door surveys for all buildings.

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Fire Door Surveys & Inspections – What you need to know

Fire doors are a robust fire protection measure which should be checked and maintained like any other life safety system in a building.

Fire doors help slow the spread of fire and smoke throughout a building, not only to protect lives, but also to protect the property and neighbouring buildings. This only applies, however, if they are correctly maintained in a working condition.

In addition to the implications from various design codes, standards and guidance documents, we strongly urge companies to have the condition of their fire doors periodically checked; failure to do so could dramatically increase the threat level should a fire occur.

Since the uncovering of drastic failings of passive fire protection in various building fires such as the Grenfell Tower disaster, the importance of suitable checks of passive fire protection has been significantly highlighted.

Our Qualified and NAFDI (National Association of Fire Door Inspectors) Registered surveyors will carry out a fire door survey for a property and perform a detailed check for all fire doors on-site to ensure they are safe, compliant and effective in order to protect occupants against the spread of smoke and flame in the event of a fire. The process comprises the utilisation of a mobile form whereby all aspects of a fire doorset are analysed and photographed. The following details are recorded:

  • Door ID and location
  • Survey type (certificated or nominal)
  • Door rating (FD20/30/60/120)
  • Door measurements/dimensions (inner and outer frame)
  • Door/frame material and type
  • Condition of frame, doorstop, hinges, lockset, glazing, seals, closer, structure, signage and gaps
  • Overall judgement (pass/fail)

We include a full list of recommendations and photographs for every single issue as standard.


Read our Frequently Asked Questions below for more helpful information 

Services Required


  • I think I know what doors need to be repaired, why do I need a survey?

    A full fire door survey by a competent person will help you to identify the real problems with your fire doors, and how to rectify those particular issues in a compliant manner. Not only that, but you will then have an established asset list for the doors in your building to ensure you’re maintaining and checking the correct ones.

    Not all doors in a building need to be fire doors, we can offer advice to ensure you know where your fire doors need to be.

  • My fire doors were passed by building control, surely they are compliant?

    While a building inspector may sign-off a building, they may not perform a full detailed inspection for each fire door on site. The building is signed off in principle and the responsibility for providing a safe building is with the responsible person – not the building inspector.

    All fire doors should meet the minimum requirements for structure, gaps, condition, seals/strips, and ironmongery (depending on where it is installed) and although they may have been passed when the building was signed off, that does not mean they are compliant today.

  • What do you check as part of a fire door survey?

    When we inspect our client’s fire doors we look at:

    • Door leaf
    • Door frame
    • Door closer (self-closing devices)
    • Hinges
    • Intumescent strips and cold smoke seals
    • Glazing
    • Locks and levers/handles
    • Fire safety signage
    • Hold open devices
    • Gaps around the doors and threshold gaps
    • Panic hardware devices for external final fire exit doors

    Our clients receive a detailed survey that clearly defines the condition of each door and our recommendations for which parts (if any) need to replaced.

  • How do you know what fire doors to check?

    We will always request a fire strategy plan or compartmentation drawing for a property before commencing a survey. In the absence of this information, we take a risk-based life safety approach and use fire engineering judgement to determine the assumed lines of fire resistance based on building regulations or other relevant design code.

  • Do you need the original door documentation/compliance certificates to determine whether a door is actually a fire door?

    Many fire doors do not come with original documentation, and it is difficult to identify the manufacturer. For some doors, a risk-based approach must be taken based on the professional judgement of the surveyor. If the door is of adequate thickness, weight and appears to have the tell-tale signs of a fire door then we will inspect it as such. Every aspect is checked in detail.

  • How much does a fire door survey cost?

    Dependant on the size and location of the building, our fire door surveys can start from just £10 per door.

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    Our prices are competitive and there are no hidden costs. We offer an after-care service to all of our clients offering ongoing advice and meetings where necessary. We are VAT registered and charge VAT on all services.

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Our Process


Our surveyors will inspect your fire doors and gather the data for the report. We will affix ID labels, measure and inspect the doors, and take photographs of every individual issue.


We compile a conditions table and action plan with recommendations and photographs. The data will be recorded in a way that is easy to understand, before being submitted for quality assurance. This will then be validated and published on our online portal.


Once published, you can actively manage reports and action risks for your properties. You will be able to download and create PDF reports, search and export risks, and view photographs.  You can even send our report to a contractor for a remedial quotation.

Key Accreditations

A few kind works from our clients...

Pyro Fire were asked to come and review our fire doors after concerns from a previous fire risk assessment. A few days after the inspection we had our insurance company on-site who reviewed the survey and commented on the great quality of the report. A+ service and now working for one of the largest food manufacturers in the UK, we will be promoting Pyro Fire Services.

Chris M - Large Food Manufacturer

Thanks to Pyro Fire for providing a cost effective quotation and detailed free advice, from working with them on other projects we have been very pleased with the level of service they keep on delivering.

Ben S - Keepmoat

Wouldn’t recommend any other fire safety and risk assessment engineers. Their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm is far above any other.

Paul F - Maintenance Services

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