Are your Fire Doors fit for purpose?

Posted on 22 September 2020

All landlords and business owners have a legal obligation to ensure their premises, and the people that use them, are appropriately protected against fire. From regular maintenance to fire risk assessments, it is vital to ensure fire safety measures are taken seriously.

Fire doors hold a vital role in the fire protection of a building. They are designed to prevent the spread of smoke, flames and toxic gases in the event of a fire. Fire resisting doors are different to normal doors, in that they are specifically designed and tested to provide fire resisting properties. Generally, fire doors are made of wood or steel.

Why are Fire Doors important?

There are two main benefits of fire safety doors:

Increased Safety: Fire doors allow for quick evacuation of people and their belongings, and to allow the fire service to fight a fire.

Reduced Damage: Fire doors reduce the rate of fire damage to a building.

The minimum period fire doors can tolerate fire is 20 minutes.

More than just the door

Whilst a fire door itself is built for long endurance in case of a fire, the door frame should be of equal high quality. Whilst your fire doors maybe up to standard, a failing frame will compromise its integrity. The hinges should also match up with the quality of the fire rated door. Soundproofing is also another advantage of fire doors, which increases their performance and efficiency.

A high-quality fire rated door is only as effective as its installation. When choosing a fire door provider, you need to ensure the installer has the specifications needed and an experienced expert will help to guide you in making a sound purchase decision.

Are your Fire Doors fit for purpose?

Fire doors are only effective if they are maintained to the highest standards and are fit to perform their intended function in the event of a fire outbreak. To ensure the safety of a building’s occupants, you must regularly check all fire doors.

Note: Whilst your fire doors need to be assessed periodically by a fire safety expert, your business also has a responsibility to check for any faults and damage on a more regular basis.

Did you know 53% of people don’t know how to spot a dodgy fire door?

We’ve put together a quick, 5 step fire door check list to help you identify any problems with your Fire Doors. Scroll right to see the full checklist.

Maintaining Fire Doors

Maintaining your fire doors is fairly straightforward, as long as you’re following the checks outlined above.

All fire rated doors must be installed in the correct manner and properly maintained according to the The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.

Regular Surveys

On top of your own safety checks, we strongly urge companies to have the condition of their fire doors periodically checked (roughly every six months or once a quarter) by a qualified fire safety assessor

You can find more about Fire Door Surveys from Pyro Fire Services here – Need a Fire Door Inspection Course?



When to upgrade to Fire Resisting Doors?

Even if you are up to date on all of your fire safety regulations, there may be times when you consider replacing or upgrading your fire-resistant doors.

• Existing doors may not be fit for purpose
They may be old or damaged due to general wear and tear

• Moved Buildings
If you’ve moved or are renovating an older property, check existing fire doors meet current building regulations and fire safety standards

• Extending Premises
If you’ve built an extension that changes the overall layout of the building, you may be required to revaluate the position of your existing fire doors and also add additional doors too

• Building Changing Use
If you’re looking to change the use of a building, this will require fire safety measures to be put into place


Holding Fire Doors Open
When a fire door is held open, or is faulty, fire can quickly pass through a building, blocking escape routes and endangering lives. However, it is sometimes necessary to hold them open for practical reasons such as easing access and increasing ventilation.

Legally, a building’s fire doors MUST be self-closing to ensure it can act as a barrier that stops the spread of smoke and fire.

Picture taken at a recent Fire Door Survey carried out by our team. Here’s what not to do:

Wedging open fire doors with a wooden wedge will put everyone in the building at risk. This is because the door will not automatically close if it is held open this way.

If for some reason you need to hold a fire door open, it must have a device installed to release the door, so that it will close upon activation of the fire alarm system. Fire door retainers can be fitted hygienically to the top of a door and use a magnet to hold them open, the magnet will release in the event of a fire.

Pyro Fire Services
Since the uncovering of drastic failings of passive fire protection in various building fires, the importance for suitable checks of passive fire protection has been significantly highlighted

If you would like more information regarding fire door safety or want book a fire door survey with a competent qualified fire door surveyorplease get in touch.

Prices start from £10 per door for a full inspection report from a qualified surveyor for businesses throughout nationwide. This also includes free 12 months access to our risk management system, our online portal, where you can view properties, audit reports, download live progress reports as well as manage and action individual risks.

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Excellent service - prompt professional and useful advice given to the client to enable future planning of detailed remedial works to ensure our 13 schools fire doors are compliant. All detailed surveys were carried out within a 4 week period.

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Pyro undertook a detailed fire door and fire stopping survey of a large portfolio of school buildings across a 6-week programme. They were proactive and delivered on the dates they advised they would. Quality reports provided, proactive and engaging work ethic.

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Great support as always advice and fire risk assessments are top notch. Looking forward to working with Pyro again very soon.

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Fire strategy reports, fire risk assessments and fire-stopping surveys always to a high standard. Pyro Fire are responsive and clearly experts in their field. We continue to use Pyro Fire and recommend them to clients.

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Thorough and comprehensive assessment of our premises. This is the third time we have used Pyro Fire Services and I recommend this very professional organisation!

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Very quick to attend site and to turnaround the report. The online system worked well as we could photo and evidence our upgrades without the assessor returning to site. Already instructed Pyro on our next scheme. Would highly recommend.

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Pyro Fire Services have recently carried out some works for our company, and as always providing an exceptional service. We have worked with Pyro Fire for the past 5 years now and would recommend them to any business.

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Pyro supported us with our fire risk assessment. The process was quick, efficient, fairly priced and they went above and beyond to support us, aswell as being incredibly flexible and understanding of our needs. I'd highly recommend Pyro for all fire safety needs.

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FRA on a block of flats was carried out, this was required due to out of date FRA, Service was amazing, Report delivered almost instantly. Would use again, would highly recommend!

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