Pyro Fire Services secure upgraded Professional Indemnity Insurance policy

Posted on 21 June 2023

Pyro Fire Services is thrilled to announce that we have successfully obtained new Professional Indemnity Insurance, a crucial milestone that enables us to continue providing comprehensive fire consultancy services to even more clients. This achievement marks a significant step forward for our company, especially in light of the challenges faced by most fire safety companies since the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster. With our enhanced indemnity cover, we are now better equipped than ever to deliver exceptional fire risk assessments, fire door surveys, fire stopping inspections, and compartmentation plans for all buildings, including high-rise structures exceeding 18 meters in height.

Overcoming Post-Grenfell Challenges

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the fire safety industry faced increased scrutiny and regulatory changes aimed at ensuring the highest standards of fire safety for all. The insurance landscape for fire safety companies underwent a profound transformation, with stricter underwriting criteria and heightened risk assessment procedures becoming the norm. It became increasingly difficult for organizations like Pyro Fire Services to secure comprehensive insurance coverage, creating new obstacles in the pursuit of safer built environments.

Thanks to our ongoing relationship with Dobson & Hodge, a leading insurance brokerage firm based in Doncaster, we were able to successfully secure our new Professional Indemnity Insurance. With their expertise and industry knowledge, Dobson & Hodge guided us through the complex process, helping us navigate the stringent requirements and tailor our insurance package to suit our specific needs.

Enhanced Indemnity Cover: Empowering Our Services

The newly obtained insurance coverage provides Pyro Fire Services with a substantial indemnity cover of £2,000,000. This extended protection bolsters our ability to carry out a wide range of fire consultancy services with confidence, ensuring the safety and well-being of the communities we serve. Our team of highly skilled and qualified fire safety professionals can now provide comprehensive fire risk assessments, meticulous fire door surveys, thorough fire stopping inspections, and meticulous compartmentation plans for all types of buildings, including high-rise structures exceeding 18 meters in height.

Enabling Safer Built Environments

With our renewed insurance coverage, Pyro Fire Services is committed to making a positive impact on fire safety within the built environment with the provision of all of our services. By conducting rigorous fire risk assessments, we identify potential hazards and develop tailored strategies to minimize risks and protect lives and property. Our fire door surveys ensure that crucial escape routes are properly secured, while our fire stopping inspections verify the effectiveness of passive fire protection measures. Additionally, our compartmentation plans specify the areas where fire resisting construction is required.

At Pyro Fire Services, we remain dedicated to our mission of safeguarding lives and property from the devastating effects of fire. We are proud to offer our expertise and services, knowing that our new insurance coverage reinforces our commitment to excellence in fire safety.

Together, let us build a safer future for all.

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