Digital Fire Logbooks

Make managing fire safety simpler, smarter and easier by upgrading to digital fire logbooks. Digital fire logbooks are an online version of your traditional paper-based fire logbook, helping you manage fire safety more efficiently by creating a helpful digital checklist of weekly, monthly and annual tasks for your team and external service providers.

We’ve partnered with Tio to move our clients to digital fire logbooks.

As part of the UK government’s push for digital transformation in fire safety after the tragic Grenfell Tower disaster and our focus on environmental sustainability, Pyro Fire are excited to partner with Tio to help our clients move to paperless fire safety logbooks.

Making managing fire safety simpler, smarter and easier.

Tio makes managing fire safety simpler, smarter and easier by upgrading the UK to digital fire logbooks. That’s why Pyro Fire recommends all customers have a Tio digital fire logbook to help ensure your records and information are accurate and up to date.

The UK government, NHS, Church of England, Salvation Army, P&O Ferries and tens of thousands more have already made the switch, so why do’t you?

Tio works by powering many buildings and customers all over the country, each paying only £4.99 per month. This low-cost approach supports widescale adoption and means everyone is familiar with a standard system no matter who is using it. The result is better records, better communication and a smarter, safer industry – sign up here.

As well as fire records, watch the video below to learn more and sign up for a free account.

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Digital fire logbooks frequently asked questions

  • What is a digital fire logbook?

    A digital fire logbook is an online version of a traditional paper-based fire logbook, used to record and store information related to fire safety checks, maintenance, and emergency procedures.

  • How does a digital fire logbook differ from a traditional paper-based fire logbook?

    A digital fire logbook is accessible and updatable through electronic devices, such as a computer or mobile device. It allows for automatic data input and generation of reports, while a traditional paper-based logbook is a physical document that needs to be updated and stored manually.

  • What kind of information can be stored in a digital fire logbook?

    Information that can be stored in a digital fire logbook includes, fire safety checklists, fire safety inspection records, maintenance schedules, emergency procedures, fire safety training records and more.

  • Who uses Tio already?

    Tio is trusted by organisations of all different types and sizes in the UK. Familiar names include Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, Caterpillar, P&O Ferries, Manchester Metropolitan University, Salvation Army, Church of England and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.

  • Will I lose my paper records?

    No, simply upload a scan of your paper fire logbook to your account and pick up from where you left off with your next entry.

  • Can Tio Core be used for more than fire safety?

    Yes, Tio Core is a 5 in 1 system which allows you to manage the records of fire, electrical, water, gas and security systems.

  • How can I access a digital fire logbook?

    Digital fire logbooks can be accessed through a web browser or a mobile application by logging into your Tio account.

    You can also access a Tio digital logbook via a shareable link or by scanning a QR code sticker usually found on a building fire or intruder alarm panel.

  • How do I ensure that the information stored in a digital fire logbook is secure?

    Tio digital fire logbooks use secure servers and encryption to protect the data stored.

    Only authorised personnel in your organisation can update the information in your digital fire logbook.

  • How does using a digital fire logbook benefit me?

    Digital fire logbooks improve efficiency, accuracy, accessibility, and compliance with fire safety regulations. It also enables you to make more informed decisions about fire safety in the property by giving you accurate information anytime, anywhere.

  • Can digital fire logbooks be integrated with other software systems?

    Yes, the Tio Core digital fire logbook can be integrated with the Tio Asset Management system and will soon be available with other building management systems, such as facilities management and job management software, to improve data sharing and automate the fire safety processes.

  • Will using a digital fire logbook guarantee compliance?

    Digital fire logbooks make managing fire safety compliance simpler and easier however you are still required to have the correct processes in place. This includes the requirement for staff to make records of fire safety checks, maintenance, and emergency procedures.

  • Is there a cost associated with using a digital fire logbook?

    Tio Core is a low-cost subscription of £4.99 per building per month that can be cancelled at anytime. Each subscription comes with free onboarding and a free Digital Fire Safety Records QR Sticker for each building to provide access to third parties.

  • Do I pay per user?

    No, all accounts have unlimited users at no extra cost.

  • Are there any training requirements for using a digital fire logbook?

    Tio Digital Fire Logbooks are designed to be user-friendly and easy for everyone to use regardless of experience. All accounts come with a full interactive tutorial built-in.

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How does it work?

Manage compliance

Your Bio will guide you through the melee of regulation and compliance, so you’ll know exactly what to do, when and how to do it.

Tio Core is a 5 in 1 system which allows you to manage the records for fire, electrical, water, gas and security systems.

Automatically track tasks

Understand which activities and due and when with an always up-to-date summary of your digital fire logbook. Find activities that are due, overdue, or not set up for reminders.

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Compliance dashboard

With 1 or 1000 properties, your Tio Core Dashboard shows you the status of your fire safety tasks and issues at a glance and by premises, sites, teams, service provider or team member.

Get an estate-wide view of compliance or dig into the detail.

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